Filling a key position in the medical device industry requires focused research, an organized approach and a systematic search process. We invest the time to understand your company, your values and your business goals. We work with you to clarify your objectives and your job specifications. We know that candidates who thrive in one company may not necessarily thrive in another so we make sure that we have a feel for the character and culture of your organization.


If you are expecting too much and offering too little, we tell you before it is too late. If it appears to us that the solution to your problem is not just a new employee but a redefinition of the existing position, we tell you that too.


A successful search is efficient and thorough. Our consultants construct with you a precise, realistic definition of your requirements so we can get right down to the business of finding truly qualified candidates. We know how to find the best people, carefully evaluate the field, and motivate the chosen candidate to join your team.


Our clients value our discretion in the search process and our ability to help them negotiate compensation packages that work. The result – a new team member who fits both your specific environment, and brings you closer to one hundred percent.

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